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Helping you secure Payment Institute (PI) and e-Money Institute (EMI) licenses

We appreciate that certain tasks appear hopelessly difficult, but in actuality are quite simple, as long as you maintain razor sharp focus and have strong 'attention to detail' mindset.

Business owners & managers wishing to enter the payment services sector, requires registration or authorisation with the FCA, which is a complex process. We advice, prepare and submit applications and supporting documents on behalf of our clients so they can get back to what they enjoy the most - building their businesses.

Our 3-step approach to FCA registration

Our 100% success rate in securing payment services licenses is a result of a well defined 3 step approach as illustrated below.

Initial assessment of your business including suitability of directors, shareholders & business model.
Prepare & submit application form together with covering letter and all supporting documents.
Close follow up with case worker assigned by the FCA, answering any queries case worker may have and getting the approval.
Step 3 - Succeed
Step 2 - Execute
Step 1 - Plan
Our Services


We can help you in getting registered or authorised as a payment service provide (PSP) under the PSD2 regime that will be implemented in the UK with effect from 13 January 2018.

New ApplicationS
New PSP license applications under PSD2

Alternatively if you are already registered or authorised BY FCA but now needs to apply to be re-registered or re-authorised under PSD2 (PSRs 2017), we can help you with the whole process.

Existing license holders requiring re-registration or re-authorisation under PSD2

The aim of this services is to assist registered and authorised firms to submit applications to FCA when businesses are making changes to regulated activities or controlling interest or controller function

Services around Variation of permission, notifications & approvals  

Regardless whether you are a new applicant or a existing license holder who needs re-registration or re-authorisation under PSD2, we would like you to take advantage of our ‘free no obligation’ initial assessment offer.

This is what you are going to receive after the initial consultation

  1. What are the key differences between various FCA licenses and what would be best suited to your business model so that you save time, effort and money

  2. what to look out for when completing application form(s) that will be accepted by FCA

  3. why it is important to produce a sound business plan needed to support your application


Recently we appointed Zeeniya to help us secure an API license….


But we received vastly more.

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Charles Damen 
SEVP​, TransferTo

We were a small start-up and our choice of e-money license was a result of our understanding of how the payment services works.

And then we took Zeeniya's initial assessment offer and they made the whole thing extremely simple.


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Francesco Caracuta
Director Southern Europe, Imprima​


85 Great Portland Street, London, W1W 7LT, UK
T: 020 8124 6737


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